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Australia is one among the most sought-after study destination for international students. Australia is a dynamic and technologically vibrant country that offers good educational and career life to the students from all over the world. Every year, students from different parts of the world visit this country in large numbers to avail themselves of the educational opportunities here. The main reason behind this is that it offers the best educational system along with a challenging English-speaking environment. Having some of the world’s top Universities as its assets; the country offers best educational environment for international students.

• Australia is the world’s 13th largest economy and has the world’s fifth-highest per capita income.
• One of the most popular destinations in the world for international students.
• 8 out of 100 top universities in the world are Australian Universities.
• 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia.
• $200 Million annual government investment on international scholarships.
• 2,500,000 international alumni of Australian institutions are making a difference around the world.
• Almost one in four Australians was born overseas.
• The Human Development Index of the UN Human Development Report 2015 ranked Australia second in the world.
• The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2016 World’s Most Livable Cities Survey ranked Melbourne No. 1 in the World’s most livable city.

Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with more than 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from. Regardless of what you are studying or how long for, Australia’s law promotes quality education & protection of international students. As an international student in a study visa, you must study with an institution and in a course that is registered with the CRICOS. CRICOS registration guarantees that the course & the institution at which you study meet the high standards expected by international students. So no matter what course you want to study for, how long or where, you can be assured that in Australia you will have a high quality & rewarding study experience.

Work While You Study

Working while you study in Australia can help complement your study and living experience. There are a number of reasons you might want to undertake part time work while studying in Australia, including assisting with living expenses and gaining work experience in your study area.

Most student visas allow you to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight while your course is in session, and unrestricted hours during any scheduled course break, but before you undertake any paid work you need to make sure your visa allows you to work.