The Next with a team of enthusiastic & dedicated human resources and excellent services is determined to meet the requirements of students seeking to study abroad. Within 10 short years it has all set a record by recruiting a considerable number of Nepalese students to study abroad. Contributing to realizing so many dreams we think we have added a brick to the nation’s strength. We are using all the resources available in and outside the country to achieve the goal of providing better opportunities for Nepalese students. Consequently, the main thrust of The Next is to craft it as a consultancy center of an international standard. To achieve this end we are pushing forward with the following objectives:

The choice of the university/ college and course will have a decisive influence on your future career. So it’s obvious that you must choose the right study path. We undoubtedly, help in providing a better path, through counselling and work as a conduit in your search for ideal colleges and universities abroad. Guiding Nepalese students in every aspect of study abroad, we follow our own instincts to provide the best educational institute abroad. Since the educational institutions are not easily accessible for every student. The Next with its professionals and experts is always ready to help aspirants in the university/college of their preference. Supporting students in every aspect, we help them prepare for the future. We provide minute details on each and every facet of student life abroad. So, we request the students interested in abroad study to visit our premises once, to feel the difference, how we can help you to ensure your future and career.
The Next is committed to giving students all relevant accurate information about life, education, accommodation & jobs. After learning students’ preferred area of study, we give them every minute detail about the institution they wish to attend. Stop wasting time, visit us and learn your potential defy all obstacles and walk confidently into your future.
Apart from counselling, we have various test preparation classes such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT run by experienced, friendly, and dynamic tutors whom you are going to miss in the land of your dreams. We have various language classes and modern facilities.
Crowds always make a noise and it can be misleading to some extent. Such is the case with education consultancies here which we all have b witnessed. Parents and the students are often get misled by such consultancies for the sake of quick money. This causes not only a loss of money and time for the victims but a matter of disrepute for education consultancies too. These are the reasons behind the existence of The Next, to protect the aspirants from all sorts of misleading information. We hope to contribute to raising the reputation of education consultancies by providing only the truth to the client.
We prepare students for visa interviews, the most crucial part of study abroad process and help them with documentation, to fulfill the requirements of concerned bodies in embassies/consulates.
Above and beyond the objectives, our basic aim is to organize seminars and workshops. The purpose of such programmes is to make students well acquainted with foreign universities/colleges and the courses offered, so that they can pick the best one in which to pursue higher education. The Next believes that such seminars/workshops would be the best help in planning the future.

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