Scope of Studying Nursing in UK for International Students

scope of bsc nursing in uk

Nursing degrees in the United Kingdom are recognized around the world. UK universities aim to provide students with access to advanced technology and practical knowledge. International students choose BSc nursing in Uk because it has more than 80 institutions that provide nursing programs. In the United Kingdom, almost 90% of nursing graduates find jobs and join further study within six months of graduation.

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in studying nursing in the United Kingdom (UK), and we aim to provide you with the correct information to help you achieve your missions and objectives.

Why Study Nursing in the UK?

BSc nursing in UK offer you the necessary knowledge, values, and abilities to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. A nursing career is for you if you are open to new experiences and want to make an impact on people’s lives.

As a nursing student in the UK, you will study a wide range of knowledge and skills, including critical analysis and problem solving, which will help you understand how to manage, support, and drive forward healthcare services, organizations, and industries. You can then become capable of managing your clinic or working in a hospital.

Study Nursing in UK Requirements

The entry requirements for BSc Nursing degree courses differ because each university or college has its entry criteria to meet, but you must have a minimum academic qualification of 10+2 (55%–60%) at “C+” with English, math, and science-related subjects (usually biology or human biology). IELTS: 7 (with 7 in each component).

Please keep in mind that the academic and IELTS requirements for studying in the UK may differ from those listed above, depending on the university’s policies. Work experience will provide you with an advantage.

Bachelor's in Nursing in UK

In the United Kingdom, a bachelor’s degree is a three-year program offered at over 50 universities across the country. A bachelor’s degree in nursing teaches students about current nursing research, practices, and policies. Adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health nursing, and midwifery are among the specializations taught in the program.

The program also includes clinical ward training, theater and recovery, and infection control. The Bachelor of Nursing program offers information on the most recent nursing practices, research, and policies.

Nursing Colleges / Universities in UK

Below we have made a table showing the best universities to study nursing in the UK along with their ranking according to QS World University Ranking 2023 and the average tuition fee for international students.

University World University Ranking Average tuition fee (GBP)
King’s College London Times 2022(18th) Guardian 2023(23rd) GBP 23,160 per year
University of Edinburgh 12 Guardian 2023
10 Times -2022
UG 35000 per year
MN 32000 per year
University of Liverpool Times 23rd
Guardian 40th
GBP 23,200 per year
University of Glasgow Times 2023(11th)
Guardian 2023(12th)
GBP 25,450 per year
Manchester of Metropolitan University Times 65th
Guardian 84th
GBP 27,930 per year

Scope of BSc Nursing in UK

Nursing has a great future in the UK. As a nurse, you can select from a variety of jobs in the healthcare industry. The main benefit of working as a nurse is job security. In healthcare, there is no room for a downturn. Furthermore, nurses receive various advantages, including:

  • Work Schedule Flexibility
  • Overtime pays and high incentives
  • Opportunity to help the public
  • Life and health insurance are examples of healthcare facilities.
  • Supports from the Government

Additionally, different companies provide their staff members with various facilities. You might choose a particular field that most interests you while earning your educational degree.

Nursing Jobs in the United Kingdom

After completing a Bachelor’s in Nursing and gaining 2-4 years of experience, nurses in the United Kingdom can earn more than 30% of what the rest of the world has to offer. After earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing in the United Kingdom, you have several options. The average salary after completing a bachelor’s degree in nursing at one of the best nursing universities in the UK is around 25,000 GBP P.A.

We have included several post-graduation nursing career opportunities for you:

  • Higher education is important in many fields such as mental health, pediatrics, and clinical nursing.
  • Commercial or business research
  • Placement in health care institutions/hospitals/clinical organizations
  • Become a nursing and health sciences educator.

The incomes for various nursing job profiles have been tabulated here to give you a clearer idea of what careers after nursing look like in the UK.

Job profile Annual Wage
Trainee Nurse 23,000 GBP -33,000 GBP
Registered Nurse 25,619 GBP
Children Nurse 24,214 GBP – 34,000 GBP
Nurse Educator 108,000 GBP
Care giver 81,300 GBP

Note*: – On an average the salary per year of Nurse is 20,480 per annum.


Lastly, one should take their nursing education seriously. Also, obtaining your nursing degree from a reputable nursing college increases your chances of finding exciting jobs. It teaches you nursing skills so that you can assist doctors in treating patients. So, be clear about your goals and the nursing career in which you would like to succeed.

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