Study in Australia: Step by Step Process for Student visa application

Study in Australia

You are reading this document which means you are planning to continue your further study in Australia from Nepal. If you have any confusion regarding the process mentioned here do contact our helpline dedicated to students in Nepal.

You want to go to Australia from Nepal for Studies,

After you have decided to pursue your further studies in Australia, there are two standard ways Students in Nepal can follow for Australia Visa application:

  • Information First Approach
  • IELTS First Approach

Information First: In the counselling first approach students visit the consultancy, get complete information on courses academic requirements, IELTS requirements, financials required and other details to move ahead.

In this approach, the student gets the detailed information first and start preparing for the IELTS according to their course requirement. Usually, the student takes the IELTS classes then sit for the IELTS Test.

IELTS test is taken officially by the British Council or IDP in Nepal.

If you are looking to Start your IELTS Classes in Nepal You can visit:

IELTS Classes in Kathmandu.

How many types of IELTS tests are there?

There are two types of IELTS Test namely:

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. IELTS General Training.

IELTS test is mainly of two types: Academic and General Training. The Test consists of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

In both tests Listening & speaking are same whereas there is a slight variation on Reading and Writing for Academic and General Training IELTS Test according to 2018 Exam pattern.

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IELTS First: As the name suggests, In this approach, students have already taken the IELTS Test and then start looking for the course. This approach is beneficial for students who are confident regarding the score they can obtain. If you are confident to score better without information on the IELTS score requirement for the course you can follow this approach.

Among the above two,

The information first approach is mostly recommended as the students are well known about the IELTS score required for their course and be better prepared for the test. You know the target minimum score required by the selected university before you sit for the test.


After IELTS Results

You go through Academic Documents Verification where college application experts/ Counsellors do a detailed review of your documents and suggest for required additional documents for the University/College and Course.

After your Documents are verified by the Application Documentation Expert, the documents are forwarded to University/College for offer letter.

Offer Letter from University/College

What is an offer letter?

An offer letter is a letter/document sent by the university that you have applied for, which has the following details:

  • Description of the course(CRICOS code, CRICOS provider)
  • Orientation date
  • Course commencement date
  • Campus location
  • Course fee
  • Mode of study
  • Tuition fee deposit

Documents required for Offer Letter Processing for Students from Nepal

  • Passport (Photocopy)
  • IELTS result sheet
  • All the Academic Documents till the date
  • Application form of University/ College (Ask your Consultancy)
  • Work Experience (If any)
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Marriage certificate (If married)
  • Prepare for Skype or Phone Interview from the University for Offer letter processing (taken randomly not a mandatory process.
  • The time duration for offer letter processing takes between 1 day to 4 weeks.

Some University may require additional documents according to their rules. In such case, consult your Consultancy/University for detailed help

How long does it take to receive an offer letter from University/College?

Offer letter Processing usually takes between 1 day to 4 weeks depending upon the University/College overall process and the application documents fulfilment.

After reviewing the Application Forwarded university/College may take Skype or Phone Interview (Conditional). The Interview is random and not taken every time.

After the interview process, three results exists,

  • Offer Letter Provided,
  • Offer Letter Rejected.

In case of Offer letter being rejected,

Start exploring other colleges, your consultancy might be able to assist in improving the application and academic institution selection.

Another case is you successfully get the Offer letter from the college which take us to the next step of the process, financial preparation.

What are some of the major reasons for Offer letter rejection?

  • The applicant doesn’t meet the academic threshold.
  • The application is submitted after the deadline.
  • The application is incomplete.
  • The school isn’t a good fit.
  • There are too many errors.
  • The student has a record of discipline problems.
  • The demand is much greater than the supply.

Financial preparation

Financial documents are proof that you are able to pay the fees and cover the living expenses during your study in Australia.

Financial documents are reviewed and verified by the Compliance team and Education provider for payment approval. Then fees is sent to the University/College.

  • Funding Documents Received :
  • Financials Verified :

After the payment is approved and received by the University/College, the college sends ECOE to the student.

 ECOE stands for Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment

ECOE is Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment is a confirmation granted by the University. ECOE is usually emailed by the university and contains the following details:

  • Your confirmation of enrollment.
  • Your tuition Fees.
  • Your Course duration information
  • Your start date for the program.

ECOE Received,

Now after receiving the ECOE, the next step is Visa Documentation and Lodgment.

Visa Processing and documentation involves submitting the acceptance from the University, SOP and all the necessary documents required by the Immigration of Government of Australia for a Student Visa.

Document required for Visa Lodgment for Nepalese students

Academic documents

  1. Visa application form
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Identification card copies
  4. Four filled self-adhesive name and address labels
  5. Passport-sized photo(not older than six months)
  6. Formal educational documents(photocopy)
  7. IELTS certificate
  8. Criminal record check results

Financial documents

  1. Proof of funds from a suitable source
  2. Proof of cash deposits
document guide

Health/medical documents

  1. Medical reports and x-ray examinations
  2. Proof that the student has an Overseas Student Health Cover for the total duration of the visa.

This is where it all depends, after the visa lodgment is done, the Immigration department reviews your documents and decides whether you are eligible for Student Visa in Australia or Not.

Immigration randomly takes Interview regarding the documents, Financials and why and how you are going to Study in Australia. What are your plans after graduation?

It’s a simple procedure, but students are suggested to prepare basic questions in advance to remove any fumbling or confusing during the interview.

Then follows the most awaited moment, Visa Application Result.

Visa Application Result

There are two possible outcomes of the Visa Application:

  • Visa Received
  • Visa Rejected 

Visa Received: This is the thing a student expects, you got the visa to study in Australia. It’s time for celebration and preparing for your journey and start packing and after the Visa process.

Visa Rejected: Worst case if the immigration department of Australia finds that the documents are not reasonable to justify and your reason to apply is not up to the expectation the visa may get rejected. There are several reasons the visa gets rejected, one particular reason cannot be pointed out.

Consult your Consultancy for more guidance.

 At The Next Education,

We have a dedicated team to look after all the visa process and laws from the Government of Australia and meet the criteria assigned.

Contact our experts for more information and rejection-proof your application.

In case of a Visa being rejected you need to prepare for the refund process of the University/ College fees.

After you successfully get the visa now it’s time for the Post Visa process.

After Visa Checklist for Australia

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Student enrolment and Orientation documents
  • Bank
  • Mail(You need to provide an email address so they will provide necessary)
  • Health insurance(Overseas student health cover)
  • Phone (unlock it and suspend your contract)
  • Airfares( Plane tickets)
  • Check-up at the doctor
  • Contact Details
  • Australian or US Currencies
  • Accommodation (notice)
  • Important papers( Scan your all documents and store them in a safe drive it will help you in case you lost, robbery or theft.)
  • You should have to bring these things with you(Check your baggage weight, IDs and important documents, Address details, Visa information, Information about Nepalese Embassy, Bank account /ID/Password, Health insurance info, International driving licence, Jackets, Travel guide, Adapters for the charger )

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Disclaimer: This is the standard procedure we recommend students to follow based on our experience and guidelines set and in no way affiliated to the Immigration of Government of Australia. The process is a procedure and does not guarantee the visa success. There are many reasons why Student visa applications get confirmed or rejected, we try to include all the procedure here.